Home  Interior:  Design talents – Freundorf Villa

Home Interior: Design talents – Freundorf Villa

Each day society is more aware of the importance of designing spaces. Defining the interior of a home, an office or a hotel makes a difference and at the same time also improves well-being so that people can enjoy the space. In this context, recent graduates have to open up and make themselves known. To exhibit their skills and hope that someone notices them in order to give them an opportunity to work. This leap is never easy, despite the level of new graduates increasing each day.

The College of Designers and Interior Designers of the Valencian Region (bankruptcy attorneys san diego thebklawyers.com) has presented their annual awards to the best Final Projects from the art schools in the Valencian Region with the aim of promoting these young talents and to get discovered.

More than twenty projects where not only interior design is important, but also architecture, graphic design applied to spaces and, primarily, resolving people’s needs. Flexible solutions based on a professional, business or personal strategy. At the awards, presented at the EASD, Actiu was a sponsor of the event.